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Alberta Occupational Health Nurses Association

The authority for Occupational Health Nursing in Alberta

Nursing Expertise at Work

 Since 1995, the Alberta Occupational Health Nurses’ Association (AOHNA) has been the voice for Alberta’s Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs).  We are a professional association providing current and future OHNs with evidence-based information, support and networking and mentoring opportunities to guide their organizations to a healthy workforce. 


Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs) are Registered Nurses (RNs) who have graduated with a Certificate or Diploma from a recognized Occupational Health Nursing program and/or who have achieved the level of COHN(C) with the Canadian Nurses Association.

OHNs are specialized health professionals who combine their knowledge of health and business to balance the requirement for a safe and healthy workplace.

OHNs are committed to ensuring that strong occupational health standards and practices are achieved by working collaboratively with internal key stakeholders / leaders and external regulatory and professional bodies to proactively manage the risks to health and safety within the workplace.

Along with supporting and sustaining organizational health, OHNs take an integrated approach with frontline workers for their health and wellbeing by evaluating workplace hazards and risks and through effective management of OH programs.

Committed to the health, safety and wellness of workers, AOHNA provides professional standards of practice, continuing education and networking opportunities for OHNs throughout Canada.


I’m a proud RN and an even prouder OHN and I love that the AOHNA provides a space where I can connect with my OHN colleagues.  The AOHNA website has lots of resources that are specific to occupational health nursing and I really appreciate the webinars - so many interesting topics!"

Lynn Robertson, OHN(c), MN, CHE

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