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Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan

AOHNA is guided by our Vision that Occupational Health Nurses are an integral part of safe and healthy workplaces and our Mission to support Occupational Health Nurses as the authority on integrated health and safety in the workplace.


We strive to achieve our Mission through:

We keep OHNs of Alberta connected.
We provide engagement opportunities.


We promote the OHN profession.
We raise the profile of the OHN profession and our organization.


We influence decision makers to make informed policy and legislative change.
We make valuable contributions to industry with an occupational health and safety lens.


We provide professional development opportunities for our members.
We share best practice resources and innovative ideas with our members.


We strive to achieve our Mission with the following Core Values:

We support members in being more successful in their professional practice and deliver the latest evidence-based research to inform their work. We are accountable for sharing best practices and disseminating knowledge that advances our profession.

We are stronger together.  We work collaboratively to build the OHN network and connect with the broader community that we serve.  

We care about people.  We are passionate about occupational health and the positive impact our profession makes in workers and workplaces.

We advocate for healthy environments free from injury and illness.  We embody a holistic approach to wellness for the betterment of the workforce.  

We are intentional with our actions and treat others with respect.  We are trustworthy and do the right thing in all circumstances.


Strategic Plan

The AOHNA Strategic Plan is designed to provide a roadmap that guides what the Association is, what it does and why it exists.  This plan establishes goals over a period of time that assumes the organization will need to respond to a dynamic, changing environment.

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