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Mentorship Program

Mentorship is a relationship that facilitates a learning partnership between two people. The relationship is learner-centered and should not be simply about knowledge transfer from one person to another.

The AOHNA Mentorship Program is based on the following principles:

  • Voluntary participation

  • Voluntary selection between mentor and mentee

  • Professional growth

  • Confidentiality

  • Mutual terms of engagement

  • Shared accountability

  • Learning needs are defined by mentee

  • Mutually agreed learning outcomes


Mentorship relationships can either be informal or more complex depending on the desired learning needs and utilizes evidence based adult learning principals. Adult learners:

  • Are motivated to learn

  • Build capacity through experiences and new knowledge

  • Take responsibility for their own development and continual learning


Resources related to the AOHNA Mentorship program are available for members only.

If you are interested in applying as either a Mentor or Mentee, please click the link below to submit your application:

Click HERE to access the application form online

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