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2021 Symposium Series - Vaccines Don't Save Lives - Vaccinations Do with Dr. Jia Hu

March 2021


Public confusion, skepticism, and hostility around COVID-19 and vaccinations have slowed the pandemic fight. As a trusted source of information for Canadians, healthcare workers will be integral in ensuring vaccine uptake and safe COVID behaviour across the population.
You can be an effective advocate for safe behaviour and vaccination. Every patient interaction is an opportunity for you to help end this pandemic.

Join AOHNA and Dr. Jia Hu, co-chair of 19 To Zero, in a discussion to support healthcare workers to:

  • Get educated about COVID-19 vaccines so you can feel confident in your decisions and recommendations.
  • Get vaccinated yourself to keep others safe and demonstrate your commitment to ending the pandemic.
  • Get skilled at having constructive conversations about vaccination with patients.

On Demand Webinar - Vaccines Don't Save Lives - Vaccinations Do

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