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2022 Symposium Series - Integrating Workplace Health Management with Kim Munroe

November 2022


As we get a glimpse of post-pandemic work life we are realizing so much has changed. As we push the restart button we need to keep the pulse of organizations by managing Mental Health, Fatigue, Safety, Absenteeism and Morale. Introducing the power of thinking about Sleep First in your business can impact employee safety, overall health and your bottom line.


Join Kim Munroe from Sleep Therapeutics as she reviews the importance of sleep, the benefits to thinking about sleep in your business and the impact of doing so. We will go over tips and tricks for coaching employees on better sleep hygiene and a program designed to educate, inform and inspire those impacted by poor sleep to get help. For the techies in the group this session will also cover new treatments for sleep disorders, new simple at home sleep testing for employees and a screening program for your high risk employees.


The goal of this session is to empower and help our leaders in employee health to be proactive in regards to employees sleep health which dramatically impact the business.

On Demand Webinar - Make Sleep Your Business Super Power

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