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2022 Symposium Series - Integrating Workplace Health Management with Dianne Dyck

September 2022


Integrated Workplace Health Management (IWHM) is a management approach in which organizational resources are positioned in an integrated manner to promote workplace health, safety, and well-being for the employee and the organization.


The components of the IWHM program are linked so that they can optimize their program effectiveness as well as support the functions of all the other IWHM components. The result is an enhanced approach to promote and manage workplace health, safety, and well-being.


The components of an IWHM program function to promote workplace health, safety, and wellness; protect employees and the organization from workplace hazards; and support employees and workplace to successfully overcome various health and safety challenges that stem from a variety of sources.


These IWHM components operate on various levels: a systems level, organization level, management level, and individual level. The intent is to use an integrated and upstream approach so that workplace health, safety, and well-being can be realized with the least possible risk of loss, and in a cost-effective manner.


The benefits of workplace health management integration are great. It is incomprehensible why most companies fail to adopt such a strong strategic approach, especially since its attainment is not that difficult. The challenge then is to convey this message in a way that Management views the idea as “its own”. 


Hence, the mode of message delivery is important. The message must be tailored to the specific Management personnel. Specifically, it must speak to the benefits that workplace health management integration affords them while explaining the impacts of not embracing health management integration, i.e., “the costs of doing nothing”. OHNs are in an ideal position to deliver this message and assist the company/organization to attain significant success. 


This webinar explains what IWHM is and how the OHN can guide their company / organization or clients towards the creation of an IWHM approach or program.


Objectives for this session include:

  • Demonstrate the ability to prepare a business case for an Integrated Workplace Health Management Program
  • Describe how to present the business case to management to demonstrate the value of an Integrated Workplace Health Management program to the organization
  • Apply the presented business skill within a learning environment

On Demand Webinar - Integrated Workplace Health Management

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