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Dianne Dyck will lead us through the process of defining OH Service Value, defining the players in OH servicing, exploring OH Service Value in terms of business contributions, illustrate some relevant return on investment findings and offer marketing recommendations!


Presenter:  Dianne Dyck, RN, BN, MSc, CRSP
Dianne Dyck is a Certified Occupational Health Nurse and Occupational Health & Safety Specialist and AOHNA member who has worked for private and public-funded agencies to develop Occupational Health, Occupational Health & Safety, Disability Management, and Workplace Wellness programs. 

Dianne earned her MSc in Community Health Services at the University of Calgary (1989). The professional designation of Specialist in Occupational Health Nursing for Canada was attained in 1995. Her undergraduate education includes a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Diploma in Public Health Nursing. Dianne also holds the CRSP certification. Career-wise, Dianne was an Advisor, Occupational Health Services at a major oil and gas company in Calgary; a Senior Consultant with a major human resources management firm; and a Director of Occupational Health & Safety for a Canadian utility company. In addition to this work experience, Dianne has over the years, provided instructional services in Disability Management through four universities (University of Fredericton, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, and Massey University, Wellington, NZ). For more than 12 years, Dianne provided on-line instruction in Disability Management for the National Institute for Disability Management, conducting five or more modules per year.

As a published author in the fields of Occupational Health and Disability Management, Dianne's greatest interest is in prevention - prevention of workplace illness and injury. This she is able to do through her teaching and learning endeavours in the areas of Occupational Health & Safety and Disability Management.

On Demand Webinar - Business Case for OHNs in a Tight Economy

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