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2021 Symposium Series - Changing the Face of Mens Health with Mitch Hermansen

October 2021


Movember is the time of year where razors are banished and the discussion of men's health is in the spotlight. Since 2012, the world's largest men's health charity has been using their fun Movember moustache campaign to start important conversations around one of the most serious health issues impacting men - mental health and suicide.

In this high-impact session led by Movember Development Director, Mitch Hermansen, we will dive into men’s mental health. You will learn about the challenges men typically face with theirs (4 out 5 suicides in Alberta are by men), but also highlight that these statistics are preventable and that we all have a role to play in supporting the mental health of colleagues and those close to us - and it can be as simple as reaching out and starting a conversation.

Outcomes of the presentation will include:

  • Learn about some of the factors that drive poor health outcomes for men's mental health
    Understand the link between traditional masculinity norms and their impact on male help seeking behaviours.
  • Review a framework that can empower employees to start conversations and support those in our lives who we think might be struggling.
  • Leave the discussion armed with a suite of tactics and digital tools that can be leveraged in your workplace or networks. 
  • Discover how to partner with the Movember cause to engage employees and advance wellness objectives during their month long education, awareness and fundraising campaign in November 2021.

On Demand Webinar - Changing the Face of Mens Health

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