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2022 Symposium Series - Building a Better Future of Work with Victoria Grainger

July 2022


As we move from a pandemic to an endemic, the world of work has changed. We are now dealing with an echo pandemic of poor mental well-being, an era of ‘the great contemplation’ where people are evaluating their purpose in life, meaning and work; and divisiveness on important matters such as vaccine mandates, masks, and return to work orders. In addition, both online and civility trends have been on the decline. Sounds pretty bleak but it doesn’t have to be. Join us to learn how to mend the fractures from the pandemic and build a new better with your colleagues by diving into simple yet powerful ways we can build a better future of work that is stronger than it was before. Together. 


Key takeaways include: 

  • Learn an evidence-informed model that supports a healthy, high performing work culture
  • Learn how to foster and develop AQ…the new EQ
  • Learn how to tangibly integrate psychologically safe into your workplace
  • Learn how to formally or informally lead with the skill touted as the most important leadership skill of 2022:  empathy
  • Learn skills to effectively have conversations when emotions are high
  • Learn science-based tips and tricks to support your own health and performance

On Demand Webinar - Building a Better Future of Work

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